Susan Saddler-  
    Character Voice Talent
                                      & Stunts
About me
Name:Susan Saddler
NickName: Zaney
 AudioBooks: Narrated by ME!
”Entwined Revealed-Erotica Volume2” by Joy Daniels, A.Devlin, Debra Hyde,& Lissa Trevor
”Entwined Surrender-Erotica Volume3” by Nik Flandre, Lissa Trevor, Jamie K Schmidt, & Lori Perkins
“Soultaker” by Bryan Smith-Horror
“The Killing Kind” by Bryan Smith-Horror
“Go Kill Crazy” by Bryan Smith-Horror
“Revving Her Up” by Joy Daniels-
 All found on, Amazon, &
”A Luring Murder” Mystery
by Stacy Verdick Case 
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Favorite Poem: 
“The Road Not Taken”  
by Robert Frost
Favorite TV Show:
“American Horror Story”
& “Shameless”
Favorite Movies:
“Forrest Gump “& 
“The Fifth Element”
Favorite quote: 
Wherever I go, There I am

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   Character Voice Acting comes natural to me.  Being born as a weirdo-super-dork, my awkwardness and hyperactive nature tends to come out in all sorts of zany voices.  There are countless personalities and voices in my head that never shut up.   The only way to let out the crazy, is to set them free in the wonderful world of voice-overs.  I hope you enjoy meeting many of them in my voice talent demos.  Almost everything was written, voiced and produced by yours truly in my own home studio.  I am humorously brilliant, and the world will soon recognize it and agree.  I wish only to help fill the world with laughter.

    I started my performance career as a stuntwoman.  I’ve been beaten, thrown around and killed more times than I can count, as you will see in my stunt demo reel.  When you are born a klutz, getting paid to fall down for a living seems to be the natural path to take.  But no matter how much you train, prepare and pad-up, it still hurts and over time takes it’s toll on the body.  While I hope to still do stunts in films and TV occasionally, it’s time to concentrate on Voice Overs from here on out.

Peace & Love

Living My Dream